Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The khol that couldn't be mine...

Big disappointment yesterday...I headed to Sephora to buy this dream that came true as a fabulous Khol, by Guerlain...and there wasn't even one left. And it gets worse, they told me at the store that this is a limited edition product, so there aren't gonna be more.
Why??? It's not fair.


  1. Sorry about that...! it's the cutest ohl i've seen ever *.*

  2. its the way life works...if you want something you always miss out :( i'm sure you will find one somewhere or you'll find an even better one...*fingers crossed* :)

  3. it looks amazing...
    btw, thanks for telling me that jak&Jil had dedicated a post to me! haha, I didn't know it until I read your comment! :)

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